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Pierre Loti Hill is located in Eyup, district of Fatih on European side of Bosphrous, Istanbul. There is a tea house that has a perfect view of Golden horn from Eyup to Eminonu. It has a magnificent landscape; when you look from at the top of the hill, you will see dreamy location.

Additionally, that special hill includes a huge old historic graveyard in the south slopes of the Hill. Within that graveyard, the tomb of or mausoleum of many famous pashas, sultans, authors such as Lala Mustafa Pasha, Lala Hüseyin Pasha, Mahmud Aga, Mahmud Celaleddin Efendi, Mehmed Celebi, Mihrisah Valide Sultan, Mirimiran Mehmed Pasha, Nakkas Hasan Pasha, Pertev Mehmed Pasha, Siyavus Pasha, Sokollu Mehmed Pasha, V. Mehmed (Resad), Sah Sultan, Shaykh al-islam, Uryanizade Ahmed Esad Efendi and Zal Mahmud Pasha are located here. Rather than the graveyard, there is also established the funny teller (Cable Car) to entertain people and to help them climbing easily to the hill; That fascinating telfer, from the shore of the Golden Horn, climbs to see at the top of the graveyard with hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops. Additionally the visitors can climb the ridge's stone walk, midst the cemetery, from the Eyup Sultan Mosque placed at the bottom/south end of the Hill, or drive up from the north side. The actual High Point of this Hill is about half a kilometer north of the lookout's Telfer station, amid a dense residential multi-level area.

The Story of Pierre Loti, The name ''loti'' come from a name of an exotic flower which grows up in exotic spaces. Except for that, so who is Pierre Loti? Gaining the sympathy of Turkish people due to his supports , Pierre Loti was a French author of famous novel ''Aziyade''. It is said that Aziyade was the name of Ottoman woman who Pierre Loti fallen in love once upon a time. For the sake of him, his name was given many places such as Pierre Loti Street (a street in Divanyolu Istanbul) and a cafe in Eyup was entitled as ''Pierre Loti Cafe'' because of his supports to the Ottoman Empire. In today's concept, the hill where that cafe takes a place is also named ''Pierre Loti Hill''. There are also many cafes which you can choose from a couple of cafe’s and restaurants like a “nargile house” where you can smoke a water pipe while entertaining your Turkish tea. So with tea your hand, you should lean back and relax by tasting the unique air.

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