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Hippordome; The Ancient Hippodrome, the scene of chariot races, with the three monuments; the Obelisk of Theodosius, the bronze Serpentine Column and the Column of Constantine.

Hippodrome is one of the most important historical are which in sultanahmet sequare. Hippodrome area has the various monuments, (Thedosius I Obelisk, Pretty attractive Thedosius I Obelisk is the product of Egypt. It is 20 m high. Upon this stone erected for the sake of Tutmosis III in B.C1500 was filled with hieroglyph. These hieroglyphical words that cannot be solved by Byzantines have not been found out until 1823. Therefore it was seen as a talisman by them. Serpent (Spiral Column) As the name suggests, once upon a time this snake-shaped column comprised of three headed serpent.Konstantin II Obelisk, Firstly, Konstantin obelisk had been tried to be erected by Konstantin II but he failed because he died. Secondly, after 30 years the story was repeated; following emperor Thedosius I could not built due to die. Finally, after years Arkadyus (395-408) was successful. German Fountain, Near the northern end of the Hippodrome, the little gazebo styled fountain can be found with beautiful stonework.German fountain also known as Kaiser Wilhelm’s Fountain.Once German emperor paid a state visit to Sultan Abdül Hamit II in 1901 and presented this fountain to the sultan and his people as a token of friendship.) today during the visiting by the istanbul daily tours lights the pass of religious of Christianity and Islam!...

With The Following organization of Istanbul Daily Tours, you can visit the Hippordome.

  1. Byzantine Imrepial Tour Half Day Morning
  2. Byzantine And Ottoman Heritage Tour Full Day
  3. Byzantine Imperial And Bosphorus Boat Tour Full Day

2 tour found in Hippodrome tip.